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  · 1: Newbie's Top Ten Commands
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· 3: Alphabetical Directory of Linux Commands
· 4: Basic Linux Commands For Beginners
· 5: The Linux Cookbook
· 6: The Essential Linux Command-Line
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· 9: Mandrake
· 10: The Linux Documentation Project



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GNU/Linux One Stanza Tip

####[ GNU/Linux One Stanza Tip (LOST) ]#######################

Sub : Window Manager (icewm) #2 LOST #033

Point your browser to the following link for IceWM FAQ :

####[rfowkar (at)]##################################

Debian People: Why Linux? Why Debian?
Linux ...Ultimately, philosophy is the most durable differentiating criterion between the operating systems we are considering. Performance numbers change. Ease of use, reliability, availability of software -- all these characteristics change over time, and you have to go out and re-evaluate them over time.

I must confess that philosophy and community is what lead me originally into the Linux camp, and then to Debian; and I think these are still the most important criteria, and are often underrated.

Debian Article
Posted by robochan on Tuesday, March 02 @ 17:37:28 EST (15 reads)
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PC World: Rome Opts for Open Source
Open Source redwyzard writes "Rome City Council has opted to use open source software for some applications of a new council portal due to go into operation in May, a council spokesperson says.

Linux software will initially be used for file-sharing and e-mail correspondence in the new portal, says Andrea Ambrogetti, a spokesperson for communications councillor Mariella Gramaglio.

PC World Article"
Posted by robochan on Tuesday, March 02 @ 17:34:03 EST (7 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0) CLI for noobies: say what, saytime
The Shell Bad news, buckaroos. I've recently learned that noobies will never venture outside the comfort and glamor of the GUI. The last thing they will ever do is to dabble in the CLI. That's a shame, too, because we were going to have a lot of fun this week stretching those noobie wings. The guy who told me is a real professional. He knows the Linux scene inside and out. How professional is he? Let me put it this way. He has professional sysadmins to advise him on things like noobies and the CLI. So it must be true. The bottom line is that if you are a certifiable sysadmin, or at the very least a power user, you may continue to read this column. Otherwise -- and I hate being the one to tell you this -- you can't read it. Because you don't really exist. Article
Posted by robochan on Monday, March 01 @ 18:09:46 EST (17 reads)
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HowTo hausmasta writes "I have written a tutorial describing how to install SpamAssassin (for filtering SPAM) and ClamAV (for filtering viruses, trojans, worms, etc.) and how to invoke them by using procmail recipes. It is suitable for scenarios where Sendmail or Postfix deliver emails to local users. It should work (maybe with slight changes concerning paths etc.) on all *nix operating systems. In the end you will have a system where Sendmail or Postfix deliver emails to a local user; the emails are passed to procmail which invokes SpamAssassin and ClamAV in order to filter the emails before they arrive in the user's inbox. "
Posted by Gotroot on Monday, March 01 @ 12:51:26 EST (28 reads)
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Thank you!!!
Opinions millergroup writes "In a matter of a 6 month period, downloading Redhat 7.2, and not having a clue as to how to burn the ISO images, I found this forum. Without the help of the Admin (Gotroot?) and the forum moderators, I would not have been able to decipher the complicated documentation of the Linux system. With the help of, I have managed to (and maintain) a production server, a dream come true since my first attempt at a website in 1994, using my ISP's allocated webspace of 5 MB's. Thank you, you have helped many."
Posted by Gotroot on Sunday, February 29 @ 16:49:55 EST (32 reads)
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Ares Desktop Alpha 2, My impressions
Reviews Anonymous writes "Well, we've done it, we have gotten our hands on the second Alpha of what has to be considered the most anticipated release of a new Linux Distribution in years. That's right, we've got the goods on Ares Desktop. Read the full review at GUILinux."
Posted by Gotroot on Sunday, February 29 @ 16:13:06 EST (16 reads)
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InfoWorld: How the Linux kernel gets built
Linux Understanding kernel math, maintenance, and more
The Linux kernel development process is akin to a game of leapfrog. Even-numbered kernels (v2.0, v2.2, v2.4) are stable kernels, and odd-numbered kernels are unstable, or development, kernels. As soon as a kernel is released as an even number, the next odd numbered kernel is born, and historically, the previous even-numbered kernel is placed into maintenance mode.

InfoWorld Article
Posted by robochan on Saturday, February 28 @ 16:41:04 EST (19 reads)
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MozillaQuest: How to Use GIMP for Photo and Image Editing #3
Software Framing Photos and Images

In today's hands-on tutorial, you will learn how to apply The GIMP's powerful layer and pattern tools to put a frame or border around a digital photo or digital image by editing a photograph in our digital darkroom. It's a simple application of what you already have learned in our Gimp tutorial series about using the Gimp's layer and pattern tools.

MozillaQuest Article
Posted by robochan on Saturday, February 28 @ 16:39:04 EST (17 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

PC Magazine: Exceptional Cases
Hardware lord_kelmain writes "Bye-bye, beige box. Whether you are a gamer who hauls your extreme system across town to LAN parties or a hobbyist who needs to cool an inferno of overclocked components—or even if you just want your PC to match your home decor—today's unprecedented selection of exotic chassis will do the job. Computers don't have to be boring anymore.

PC Magazine Article"
Posted by robochan on Saturday, February 28 @ 16:36:04 EST (22 reads)
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Installing a USB Flash Drive
Hardware Recently we were in need of moving data between our family's Internet machine and my childern's machines. We have a single machine that runs Fedora Core 1, which the kids use to surf the net and chat. My daughter has a laptop running Red Hat 9 and my son's machine is running XP. Neither of their machines have Internet access so they wanted a means to move files back and forth while not being connected to the network.

We decided a USB Flash Drive would be a nice device to try, and felt the compatibility with Linux would not be an issue since I already use a USB card reader on my workstation to transfer pictures off my digital camera.
Posted by Gotroot on Thursday, February 26 @ 22:04:50 EST (4664 reads)
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